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Hello everyone and thanks for all the good reads and info on PM's..

I'm traveling to Madison, WI next Saturday, November 5 to pick up my new-to-me 2016 136" 2500 high roof cargo van with 15k on her. I'm pumped!

This is a basic cargo van with windows on the back door. I will add windows to the slider door and driver side at some point. Swivels to the front seats too. First projects though are insulation and paneling, and add a few seats.. While I'm in sconny I'm also picking up 10 new, unused seats pulled out of a Transit - a 4 seat, 3 seat, 2 seat and a single seat which I plan to figure out the best way to configure for my needs - I won't use all the seats but I got a deal on all ten so I'll figure out what works best for me and sell what I don't use.. There is a great thread here on installing seats so I'll post my install in there. I really want some sort of a quick release, or at least be able to pull them out when I don't need them in there..

I look forward to finally having a van, one that I can haul all my photo gear, use as a mobile office, and also use it as a camper for me and my family and as a passenger hauler.

I'm geeking out on all the forums here and it's a big help as well as inspiration so thanks again to everyone for sharing your experiences.

Peace - Brent
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