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Hi everyone! Will here from the KC area. I'm pleased to be a part of this group.

Can't really say I'm good at introductions... usually I'm the one reading the intros and welcoming people so I'll try my best here.

I own and operate a small farm based brewery outside of the Kansas City area and I needed a delivery vehicle that could haul about 40 kegs of beer at a time. At about the same time, my wife and I visited an RV show and she fell in love with the Travato. However, I wasn't willing to swallow the price of a single purpose $88k vehicle. Prior to the RV show we were considering several options that would allow us to travel/camp as well as provide functionality to the brewery. We were almost settled on a heavy duty truck, truck camper, and trailer for beer delivery.

We live about 3 miles deep on a dirt road and at a place where the snow plow is owned by a farmer up the road. To him, it ain't deep until at least 8-10" are on the ground. When it rains, getting out can be challenging. So, 4WD was important to us both and a rear wheel drive cargo van was out of the question.

I spent the next two months doing a ton of research, checking pricing, capacities, specs, economy, reviews, etc. I'm often a victim of analysis paralysis until I ran into the Promaster and found a couple "new" 2014 3500s with the Ecodiesel priced under $30k.

The cargo capacity would allow two pallets (at 1250lbs each) of 24 kegs to be loaded and delivered to my distributor and would leave space and cargo capacity for us to build out a lightweight camper van. The diesel motor would provide the economy that I was looking for. FWD would be a good compromise. Then there is the bonus of not having to purchase a separate trailer or truck camper if we were to go the heavy duty pickup route.

I considered the extended bed on the 159" wheel base, but I felt like the small savings in cargo capacity and better fitment into parking spaces would be a better fit for us. I've always felt that if I have extra space for "stuff", I'll find "stuff" to put in the space... and that would have an impact on our build-out weight.

We both work full time and any extra waking hour I have is spent getting our brewery established and taking care of our 21 acre farm. Since there is no idle time here, my only escape is to go away somewhere. We have a large lake about 2 miles north of us and I've bought a fishing license the passed 3 years. I haven't been fishing once!

The idea of escaping with the wife and dogs to a secluded spot appeals to me. I'd like to build something with the ProMaster that would allow us to dry camp for a couple days at a time, but I'll save those build-out thoughts for another thread.

So here I am on the ProMaster forum after having digested a ton of info already and looking to contribute what I can to a group that has already helped me considerably.

I'll stop rambling now and share a photo of our newly delivered (from TX) 2014 3500 EcoDiesel 159" WB as well as a projected floor plan. Talk to you all soon!


Will R.

Newly delivered ProMaster

Here's a floorplan concept. Big squares are pallet locations... others indicate base cabinet locations.
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