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I am an analytical to the core, and I need to know it all before I make a decision. THUS, interwebz searching. As my title eludes, I've been disappointed by dealership knowledge, but that's nothing new. I've almost always known more about what I want than the person selling me, whatever it is I want to buy.

SO here I am, turning to the people, to seek advice. So who the **** do I think I am???!!1 Just another restless soul looking for the perfect 4 wheeled freedom wagon to find the furthest corners of this fine planet.

I've spent several hours today on this forum and found, to my delight, it is very active and a wealth of knowledge for all types of people. I love it.

So what the **** do I want???!!1

New or Newish Promaster to convert into a permanent home, for at least the next year or six, anyway.

For quite a while I was dead set on a Sprinter, but after more and more videos on YT and forums talking about people choosing the Promaster, I checked them out and believe I have switched my mind over now, for two reasons primarily:
1. I am 5'11", and to my delight, I have heard of people 6' and under sleeping crosswise! Saving much room
2. Sprinters apparently only drink ULSD, which if I have heard correctly, is only available in the US... and not in central/south America or Canada. And likely not other countries I would want to throw my PM over to.

Noooow I know I am green and it's rude to ask questions when I'm still a baby here, BUT, if anyone has spare time, I am curious about two main things right now.
1. Has anyone close to or exactly 6 feet tall experienced sleepinig crosswise in the PM? Would love to hear about that experience.
2. I have heard that the PM, being front wheel drive, is much better in offroad situations as compared to other vans such as the Sprinter, it being rear. Does pulling rather than pushing really make that big of a difference in the dirt?

And if it's not too much bother, buying tips are MUCH appreciated as well. So far, I heave heard:
1. Buying from the highest volume dealer in area might help get a lower price
2. Mojogoat said he got 20% off his sticker price :eek:
3. Huntington Beach Dodge is a possible RAM dealer for a good price

THANKS! And of course if I do pop my promaster cherry and get started on my build in it, I will detail it out with true anal OCD analytical fashion as I do with everything I love.

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