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Hi, I've started reading a few threads after my initial survey of the van market led me to think I'll buy a Promaster for our camper van.

We currently travel summers with a pickup camper but since we bring so much with us to stay places for a month at a time, we unpack wherever to camp alongside it. Not easy for quick stops. Hoping that a camper van will allow us to bring less and spend less time setting up, but still like to live and probably cook outside as much as possible.

My first decision coming up is whether to find a way to rent or buy a campervan, maybe a volkswagon Eurovan to use for a season as a test to sort out what we want. I'm not sure exactly what will and won't matter to us, just that my initial idea is to have a modern VW format (size city handling, parking forest access etc) camper. If the modern VWs were available, we might go with that. But probably the Promaster is a great option either doing it myself or getting something already built.

That will be my next decision, once I have an idea of what camper perks matter to us, a pop-top or not, (probably) how much interior galley, how storage might work out etc.

For now, just starting to read up here at the forum, still dreaming.

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