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Will that fit to the piece from my last post #10 ?

Also does it bolt on? The description of that item says:
Before your purchase, please take a note:
Please understand that this item/items will not bolt on / stick on to the car by itself.
Slight modifications will be necessary. These modifications may vary by different models.
You are watching a high quality product – one of the best in price&quality range.
Please read carefully and understand it before you buy:
The product you bought is a high quality copy ( replica ) which combines excellent quality for very affordable value ( reasonable price )
This product is made from GFK – a variety of fiberglass, more elastic and stronger
This product is made in European Union – according to highest manufacturing standards
Please pay attention that all products ARE NOT painted, color coded or prepared for direct paint ( unless you requested a paint job ). On the surface of the product might be visible small cracks ( which will be removed preparing the product for painting )"
1 - 12 of 12 Posts