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We have a nice used 2015 PMC SLT Wagon for our camping/hauling/boat towing/do everything vehicle. It made so much more sense to us versus a truck here in the Pacific NW. It can haul a lot and keep things dry. So far, so happy. After a Draw-tite hitch and light kit, we were ready to roll.

We just got back from an extended trip to Mono Lake area of California from the Seattle area. We had the back full of provisions, fishing stuff, coolers, boat motor, battery, and everything else. We were also pulling a 12ft aluminum boat with two kayaks. We did 24 mpg going from sea level to 7000 feet lake. It did fine pulling the boat but was not thrilled with the 8100 ft Conway pass.

The only issue we had was coming back when the car in front of me ran over a truck tire tread and threw it up in front of me. My air dam took the brunt of the hit. Do you know that is stapled to our front bumper? A little bending of staples and some trimming, it is back on van.

We drove 15 hours straight through coming back. not bad but not cadillac comfortable which we did not expect. However, it was more comfortable than I thought it would be.
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