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Just picked up my new 2015 Promaster City SLT 5 passenger Wagon Monday and took a short vacation with it.

It replaces my 2010 Nissan Cube SL with all the toys that was totaled when hit in the rear end at an intersection. I stopped for a dumb pedestrian running across the street against the light who thought he could out run a car doing 35 mph, car behind me did not stop.

I wanted car with a tall roof and door opening and low step in height and a bit bigger trunk with a flat floor. It also has to fit in my short driveway. I wanted something a bit different in the looks department so I did not see it every where I went. This fits, both in my driveway and my oversized self. I do not have to remove my head at the shoulders to get in and out of it.

It's comfortable and has a very good ride on lumpy roads. It's reasonably quiet under 70 mph. Forward visibility is good, rear not so much. A backup camera is going to be added for sure. It's got all the other toys but NAV. Not a fan of the TomTom. Like my phone navigation application better. It talks through the car speakers when in use. So it's not missed.

It has the wheel and light group, popular equipment group with rear power windows, mirrors and heated seats. It's got the rear wiper, window defogger with heated mirrors. Audio is connect 5 with satellite radio. The factory trailer tow package is installed.

The factory mudflap option paid for it's self in the first 50 miles when we had to deal with the road gravel paving operation and it's rock storm spray of the bottom of the car.

It also has the Promaster floor mat option front and rear. No jack or spare tire though. That's not desirable. The metallic dark red color looks good on the van.

Averaged 23 mpg the first 850 miles of back country and mountain driving with very strong head winds through the Columbia Gorge and 100+ miles on gravel forest service roads.

The battery terminal cover fell off on the way up to the Hat Point overlook in Hells Canyon and I saw it on the way back. Thought a clean plastic car part looked odd on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere so I picked it up and later found it fell off my Promaster when I looked under the hood at a gas stop. Snapped it back on. It's the cover for the positive battery terminal area.

So far I am enjoying the van except for the unreadable speedometer. Cannot see it in daylight. It's a very poor design that needs to be redone.

Rear quarter visibility is an issue. Hard to clear the blind spots in traffic situations or entering at angles from side streets. Those big door posts and lack of rear quarter windows do impact visibility.
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