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Previous discussions about portable battery packs plus some pretty good pricing have led me to building a juiceBOX.

Beginning design... (under construction)

View attachment 87998

View attachment 88003

Some context:
Recently, I upgraded my van's house batteries to a LiFePo design, with (3) 100Ah Renogy batteries... mission accomplished! As a Ham Radio Operator, I've always had a portable battery to power my radios in a power failures, but my last one (AGM) died after 10 years.
So, I decided, based on a good deal on a Renogy 100Ah battery ($397) to make a new portable box. But then I started thinking about how much I use it... not much. That lead me to another idea.
Suppose I could design a battery box that would be portable for Ham Radio use AND also be a modular add on to my van battery setup.

The result is the "juiceBOX"

It's not really a box, but more of a battery "wrapper" that protects the battery and connections, and fits like an add-on module with my van house battery. I found that adjacent to the space where my van batteries are, there was room for another battery but if I put it in a traditional box, it wouldn't fit. So the shape may be odd, but it fits right where I need it! (the perforated white area on the right is the cover for my 3 house batteries/inverter/B2B.)

View attachment 88001

The red and black Powerpole connection will be connected to a wire from my van house batteries, effectively putting the juiceBOX in parallel with the house batteries. So, the van gets a 33% power upgrade to 400Ah, and the juiceBOX is charged and monitored along with the house batteries.

For portable or emergency use, I can unplug the connection and lift the juiceBOX out of the couch... pretty easy, and under 30 pounds. The lift strap on the battery lifts the battery and the juiceBOX "wrapper" together. An inverter can also be plugged into the Powerpole connection when in portable mode.

Next step: A cover for the wire connections (shown in pic 2) will be added to provide fused USB outlets and other features.... still working on it!
Great idea!!!
What amperage is your Anderson connector rated for?

What size breaker?

I have a couple of older Battleborns that I am going to pull out of my second battery bank. Would be nice to have a portable setup to run the chinese diesel heater, evap cooler and some LED's for my caravan tent. Would save me from having to run a hookup from the tent to the van or cargo. I will be following your progress.
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