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I drove my PM to my farm where it is very rugged, steep and remote.

So after an ice storm, I didn't even try to get out. Just took pictures of a semi truck that had skidded out of control on the nearby highway and otherwise stayed snug in my cabin. No way was I going to risk my new PM.

After about a week of this, the ice turned to mud and I was out of beer and pretty sick of eating beans.

The only vehicle that made it to my farm was an old CJ-7 with big mudders. Even so, a person can only eat beans for so long.

This is what I learned. The PM will climb a muddy steep hill - but you have to turn the ESC off. Otherwise the ESC stops it.

And it takes quite a few quarters to wash that kind of mud off.

My Toyota Tundra 2wd would never have gotten out of there.

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