Motion Windows Half-Slider for Campervan Conversion

$550.00 CAD – includes window, fasteners, and flange seal tape – in packaged box that it arrived in.
This is ¼” tempered glass with a dark grey tint and a black frame. The window slides open, locks closed, and has a sliding screen.

The half-sliders are the same for all vans (Sprinter, Promaster, Transit), but I originally bought it for the Promaster.
I bought 4 motion windows for my van conversion but only ended up using 3 windows. This is technically for the driver’s side to keep with formatting of their other windows (sliding portion is to the rear of the vehicle) but could work on either side. Cost of this with seal tape, packaging, shipping, and taxes comes to around $630 CAD (or $467 USD as attached photo shows). Just looking to recoup some of the costs.

Interior Frame-Fit Dimensions (W x H): 35-3/4" x 9-3/4
Exterior Flange Dimensions (W x H): 37-1/4" x 11-1/4