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When I get my PM, one of the prime uses will be hauling motorbikes (more than 1 at a time).

In researching euro FIAT Ducato passenger conversions, I found that many had a floor system quite like what you see in airliners, in that the seats were secured in a track:

These systems use two kinds of grooves, one is just a regular slot, and the other has recurring circular cutouts along its slot - usually called an 'Airline' track, L-Track or just Cargo Track.

There is also 'E-track' which you see in moving vans and also some contractor vans (won't discuss E-track any further in this post)

There are companies out there that sell just the grooved tracks and hold downs like

What is interesting, is that there is a Euro company called Handicare, which takes the slot system and makes a modular flooring system out of extruded aluminum:
Here's the brochure:
http://www.handicare.dk/upload/Auto Danmark/Brochures/Auto Export/EN/110,Brochure,Handi Floor EN.pdf

There are also spacer sections, so the grooves can be spaced out.

What really sets this system apart is that it has been tested by the TUV to simulate crash tests with seats:
http://www.handicare.dk/upload/Auto Danmark/TÜV/02_TUVHandifloorEnglish.pdf

After the system is installed, you can glue in low pile carpet, rubber flooring, or tiling to make a nice neat installation.

Even though the system was designed for seating and wheelchair restraint (think airport shuttles); with the proper tie down system, it can also secure cargo. Individual rails from McMaster or US Cargo Control could also be put on the walls (and roof!) for versatility.

So what do you think? Has anyone used a airline track in their PM or other vans? It is a neat system.

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that floor setup looks pretty **** durable and looks like it can take a serious beating, the "structure" alone looks super strong

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AbiliTrax is an American Made floor system that offers both A and L Track securement throughout the whole length of its floor system. It is fully crash tested in all chassis' available in the ProMaster, Ford Transit, and Mercedes Sprinter as well. It offers flexibility, durability, and complete control with options that "shift on the fly". For more information or to locate a dealer, please contact AbiliTrax directly

[email protected]


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