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My hobby finds me on the road many days out of the year, driving sometimes in excess of 1000 miles. In my corner of America a full size pickup is the order of the day. However of all the numerous options I've tried to provide weather protection and physical security all have fallen short over the years in a pickup. One of the big shortfalls is cost of ownership, fuel, tires, and general maintenance is expensive in any full size vehicle.

So while my first inclination was to go for a full size van, I decided going in, a small commercial van was what I was going to acquire. We have a couple of Ford Transits at work, which got me on the original kick of that "class" van. After looking at the PMC I was sold, the Transits, to me didn't quite measure up.

I've been modding as I go along, as I get use to traveling with it and using it for all the different facets of my hobby. Sometimes as an Instructor, competitor, or as a student. My PMC is comfortable, economical, and provides superior security for the tools of the trade.

Some of the improvements include 3/4"x4'x6 rubber mat, 3/4"x38"x60" Birch shelf, 6"x12"x48" "tool vault", 1" Aluminun angle rim welded around top of tool vault, various cargo nets - D-Rings - Bungees - and tie downs, security alarm and 120vac DC/AC inverter for good measure. It's a still a work in progress.


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