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I'm considering putting a marine hatch in the roof of my promaster above the bed. The idea is to have extra light, view the stars, have roof access, etc.


A guy did it to his promaster and put up a video here.

Before I pull the trigger on this, I'd like to know whether anyone has negative opinions or is aware of risks I might not have considered.


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Hi All,
We installed one in our build and it has been great for all the reasons you want to put one in.
Regarding the screen issue:
We utilize the screws that hold the interior roof panels to the vehicle and magnets to hold either a piece of insect screen or black out curtain (depending on the situation) over the opening. It's a bit hard to explain. I have included a picture of ours with no screen, hopefully you can see the screw heads that I am talking about that surround the opening.
The only negative I can think of is that as it is made of Aluminum and is both inside and outside, it has a tendency to accumulate condensation so the frame requires a wipe on cold mornings to prevent build up. It is not a big deal though.
We do really like the low profile nature of it and the fact that it should never leak as it is designed for far wetter applications.

Good luck with your decision!

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Im in the process of building the van. I'm also putting a flat platform on the roof and plan to sleep up there during the summer night and using the hatch as an access port to the roof. Davo's setup is super clean, im still trying to figure out how to make it look clean in the inside.
I got mine new from a local marine surplus for 1/3 of the original cost.
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