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From accounts on forums, Youtube, etc., it appears the path of trying to convert a Promaster into an off-road Sprinter or Transit variant is long, circuitous, expensive, problematic, and can be unsatisfying.

The bone stock Promaster, when driven with a front-wheel-drive mind set, can be suprisingly capable off road. It just has to be driven slowly and with care (and an occasional traction aid). If an obstacle proves to be too much for it, most bolt-on modifications won't help all that much anyway.

Especially if most of your miles will be highway miles, it might be a good plan to spend all the money on a top notch conversion, and then drive as much as you can for a while. Then bolt on modifications as needed. Besides, that way you'll know things like weight, weight distribution, and also exactly what improvement you want most.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts