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Windows should ship tomorrow from Motion.
Giant roll of Thinsulate arrived Friday.
Samlex 2212 en route.
PD5000 30 Amp AC/DC Power Control Panel en route (thanks Gary!!, just a smart panel).
Concept of electrical 'handy' boxes provided by Keeponvanning!! Thanks!!

So, slowly all the parts and pieces are on the way.
Next week hopefully the windows/aircon/Maxxair will be installed.

Then the she-boss and I do the insulation and run all the wires for the lights/plug-ins/switches.

BUT we're not getting the shore power connection parts we need. We want to do the bumper install.
Can it be done 30amp? Also the exact route you all have taken with the cable. We will do 99% of the electrical connections behind the drivers seat in a cabinet. So any links to the part that goes on the bumper would be appreciated and the part that goes on the wall before the cable to the inverter-charger would be nice too.

Also, MsNomer...just had to take Poof (she-boss) to the 8020 extrusion site and she was sold.

Thanks again to all for all the help.
Gary, just so you know, we go to your site, look at for example the pic you have of the contents of your main electrical connection box and say we need this part, then google for it! Some exceptions of course. You chose Tripp-lite, we chose Samlex. You chose a solenoid I think. We went for the Battery Doctor, etc. but you get the idea of us copying you :)

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30 amps is no problem but be sure to use 10/2 stranded wire with ground (not Romex) an excellent and simple method is to simply buy a 10/2 w ground extension cord or similar type stranded cable and use that. If you get an extension cord simply cut the ends off. Either way there is a small sq. rubber cover on the left rear of the van, just behind the bumper, that you can easily route wires through. How and where you run them is unimportant as long as they do not chaffe and is more dependent on your individual build design.
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