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2016 gas 159" HT near CLT
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Anybody have a door with a window that they would rather not have a window in?

I got a decent deal on an entirely windowless 2016 159" high top but I would like at least one window in the back. I would take any door (or all of them) but I think I would prefer the passenger sliding door (I don't have a driver sliding door).

All of my doors have a few machine screw holes from the previous owner around the outside framing on the interior side and they were stuffed with rock wool but I took that out (and I will triple check to get any stragglers if we trade). The cable on the sliding door broke at the bottom release but I just reach down and release it myself. This only affects closing it after it is completely opened.

I figure this may be an easier/cheaper option than buying aftermarket windows.

I would be willing to spend some money if your doors are in nicer condition.

This would have to be local since we would have to do the removal and install right there as part of the trade. I am located in the Charlotte NC area.
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