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Heya ProMaster Forum!

I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and stuck in a dead end situation I want to get out of, the owner of the company I work for the last 10 years is a sociopath who is self destructing his own business. That said I have been living a minimalist life the last 3 years trying to save as much after tax income as possible to get out of this environment. I've been thinking a lot about it and its very upsetting I put thousands of hours of sweat and blood to work so many years as hard as I have only to give half of it to rent by time I factor in income tax.

That said I've been seriously considering buying a ProMaster building a murphy bed & shelving that will fit flush against the side walls to allow full cargo space usage. This will be a large investment for me as I have not a ton of savings at around 65k CAD, ideally I want to work as an Expeditor the next year or 2 travel around living in the van but with a clean minimalist setup that looks professional.

I haven't shopped around much yet but the first dealer I went to had a few in stock they seem to be eager to clearout offering me $7k off MSRP but there are advertisements going right now on TV about 11k off on new vehicles including Dodge Ram pickup trucks from what I've read the best time to buy a new vehicle is end of December, either way when I come to a decision on 2500vs3500 I will shop around more, altho from what I read the best time to make a lowball offer on a vehicle is the last day of the month being tomorrow so I may just send them an offer of $32kcad on one of their 43k models in inventory.

My first question is regarding 2500 vs 3500, if I were to use it for expediting from what I can tell the 2500 has a cargo length of 131" versus the 3500 extended has a cargo length of 146" which 144" would make 12feet allowing 3 skids to be loaded length wise; am I correct in that assumption?

Second question is 131" vs 146" (2500 vs 3500), I am seeing mixed opinions on whether a Diesel is still the best for expediting or if the Gasser is within the same cost of ownership? The dealer i went to told me they don't make a diesel any more but I read they may be coming back with it this year. Also for expediting I would imagine 3500 is the best option assuming the 131" vs 146" spec is correct, but the Dealers close to me only have 2500's in stock, is there any benefits to the 2500 over 3500? gas consumption I would assume isn't much different from what I read some people are getting as high as 24mpg but most people state an average of 17MPG or 7.22LKM. Any help is very much appreciated.

I have a Planet Fitness membership and have no desire or requirement to put a shower inside and a foldaway toilet for emergencies only will do fine. I simply want to get out of my current situation I am in now stop paying so much in rent and do some traveling on the job. Any suggestions or help is very much appreciated.

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