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Got back Valentines day from a week long road rip in the PM. 2014 hi top gasser. Took Route 17 all the way from Va. to Fl. and then secondary roads down to Hudson to see my Wife's Mom. Spent three days there and had a great visit and then a two day drive home. Cheated on day two and hopped on I 95 to make better time. Overall a great trip and the PM worked terrifically!
Enjoyed it best on old roads like Rt 17 and old 301 south thru Fl. It'll do 70 mph just fine on I 95 but mileage suffers as you fight the extra headwind. I'd rather relax at 60-65 mph. That is just my own preference.
Got 22-23 mpg at 55 mph on the back roads. 18.8 mpg on the Interstate.
My four solar panels to power two deep cycles and the fridge make a terrific perpetual motion machine.
40 mph cross and head winds were no problem.
Had more than a few semi's cut in front of closely as they passed and buffeted us with turbulence. The PMs shocks damped it out well. Very happy with the handling! Used no oil or coolant.
Loved the view and comfort. Sitting up high on the stock cloth seats made a fine perch.
Very happy I got this van! Its like an updated VW vanagon camper. But more power and way better brakes and suspension!
1900 miles in a week. Nice relaxed trip!
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