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Liams 2018 136" high roof Build.

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I purchased a 2018 136" high roof a few weeks ago.
Gonna build it to replace/upgrade from the E250 lowtop I was traveling out of. I'll be updating as I progress on the build.

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Murphy Bed under construction.

Bulkhead under construction.

How it looked when I hit pause and and tossed a cooler in and started working the boats before I resumed the build.

Couple pictures of the CDH install.

Couple pictures of interior locks.
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Battery mounts, bolted through the bulkhead.
Currently 2- 206 ah SOK lithiums.
Layout in progress
Wiring in progress
The soft touch dimmer. Pretty **** nice but that backlight is obnoxious. And surprisingly hard to cover.
B2B connection in the Battery compartment

Reinforcing the bulkhead, it was solid bit easy pass through to trip the slider. And fools are industrious in Oakland.

Basic wiring runs. Eventually get a proper wire chase set up with a removable face plate. Kinda roughed in for now.
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This lil shelf finally went in this fall and was sooo handy!
Overhead cabinets are a super big quality of life improvement after goin through my apprenticeship in a charitably half built van

Got a homie with a woodshop, who's been absolutely clutch as we're sprucing up this joint.

These wall/cabinet mount lil fruit hammocks fill me with a ridiculous amount of joy for what they are.
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