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Related question: Why no high roof on 118 WB?
That would be a strange-looking little beast if they did!

The marketing wizards have probably done their math on this, and established that such a configuration probably wouldn't sell enough to make the tooling worthwhile. Remember that the 118 has a shorter side door and thus has its own special, shorter, side door together with the tooling to make it. A 118/high would need its own special tooling because the door extends into the roof!

The bodyshells for these vans are designed to be as much mix-and-match as they can, with as many common parts as possible.

On a note related to yours ... you can't buy a 159" wheelbase low roof, either. The 136 is the only wheelbase available with both roof heights. There would probably be more of a market for a long-low than a short-high because of people who have to fit into places with height restrictions. But they don't do it if they don't figure that enough people will buy it that way.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts