As I prepare to move, I need to clean out the garage. I know I'm going to bump into left over parts that I do not need anymore, so I'm to just keep updating this post and see how it goes.

Price - everything is free to anyone who will use it. Drive to my place in Antioch, CA and you can pick through all this and more. If you want something shipped, whatever I can get into a small UPS flat rate box is yours.

New Items 2/14
Astro 1442 riv nut tool, with case and all parts.

First up -
FTZ Starter lugs
1 x 6 ga 1/4 stud
4 x 2 ga 1/4 stud
4 x 2 ga 3/8 stud
4 x 2 ga 5/16 stud
3 x 2/0 ga 3/8 stud
4 x 2/0 ga - 1/4 stud (weird I know)

Selterm lugs
4 x 4 ga 51/6 stud
9 x 2/0 ga 5/16 stud
6 x 6 ga 5/16 stud

Bussman 285060P - 60A breaker
285030P 30A breaker
285100P - 100A breaker

One 100A megafuse

Victron temp probe BMV702

Blue sea 5025 fuse block

4 pairs of Blum Tandem Plus Blumotion drawer slides. 15 inches. Does not include the angle brakets for rear support.

2 x Southco M1-15-61-8 Stainless push to close latches