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My ProMaster is my newest and most favorite car. I absolutely love it. But I was getting tired of having ancient incandescent dim yellow headlights. I wanted the latest and greatest.

I searched for H7 LED bulbs and decided to go with Morimoto 2stroke 2.0 LED bulbs from Headlight Revolution:

They were supposed to fit more vehicles than other more bulkier bulbs. But, as luck has it, they didn't fit the ProMaster. And, judging by the weird stock light bulb retainer design on the ProMaster, none of the LED bulbs would fit it without modifications.

I googled the internet and found this thread where the guy made a paperclip-style retainer:

I fiddled with this idea, but I couldn't find the right gauge spring steel wire, and so I thought up something different.

I cut two 30x150mm strips out of 0.05" sheet aluminum and bent them in this fashion and drilled one hole in each.


The bracket presses on top of the light bulb and up against the to wall of the headlight housing. It is retained by the single screw that is on the back of the reflector:


The rest was easy. But I did have to squeeze the stock light bulb contacts because the prongs on the adapter cable plugs supplied by Headlight Revolution were slightly thinner than the stock light bulbs, so those contacts needed a small and gentle squeeze.

My new headlights are super bright but with an improved lighting pattern, they do not blind the oncoming traffic. However, I think folks in low sedans won't be very happy about me pulling behind them at a traffic stop at night, haha! But I think they never were.
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