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Latest UConnect broke my SiriusXM - solution

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I drove from Michigan down to St Louis for a wedding, heading out west to do some camping after that. While at a rest area, the UConnect system started an update even though I didn't tell it to. Grr! 15 minutes later, it was done. Except Sirius XM no longer worked. Not looking forward to driving across the country without it.

I restarted the van, that didn't fix it. I let it sit a while later in the day before restarting, nope. It was gone. Wouldn't even show the radio ID where it should have. And trying to select a Sirius XM preset channel didn't work, it wouldn't even try to switch from FM to satellite.

(Editorial comment: that's the second time I've been burned like this. Turning my updates off so I can deal with them manually at a time and place of my choosing. This was as bad was Windows updating during a WoW raid).

I was able to fix it by doing an old school reboot on UConnect. Go to accessory mode while parked, with the engine off (press the start button without stepping in the brake if you have push button start). Then press and hold both the radio power button and the tune button for 15-20 seconds until the screen has gone dark and it restarted with the Ram logo. That fixed it for me!

Not sure if disconnecting the battery negative would have done it, but glad I didn't have to get my hands dirty. I also didn't have to do the "hard reboot" which I'm told would have lost my presets.


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