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Hey guys. I'm new to the forum. I got rid of my truck and bought a Promaster to haul around my dirt bikes. I also plan to use it for camping, road trips, work and I also have been using it as my daily driver.

We just took it camping this weekend and I must say it was a very pleasant camping experience. We just slept in the back and I didn't have to set up a tent. I do have a tent trailer that I plan on towing but as for now, wanted to try the thing as a camper of sorts.

Very happy with the Promaster so far. My only complaint is that the van likes to swerve a lot at higher speeds on the freeways.

Other than that, my brakes don't squeak and no other issues to report.

Here are some pics of my recent mods to the Promaster.

Rear View Cam & Trailer Hitch are next on the list.


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