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As I predicted in this thread:
The Sortimo Globelyst shelving system is now available for the Promaster, from Knapheide:
They also have other components such as partitions for sale.

I am excited about the sortimo system, some of the components are already sold as the Bosch L-Boxx system here in the states:

As you can tell from the photos, this is definitely a north american market vehicle, by the indicator lights (not on the ducato) and by the american iron in the background!

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I priced out the GC package for the low roof with a Knapheide dealer and it came out around $6000 with their install labor! Pretty darn pricey!
Thats insane! You can get a Diesel for less than that and have $2000 left
Then go in a bar and buy everyone a round of beers and hot chicken wings
and tell them you bought a diesel Pro Master LOL!
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