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4 awg seems pretty light for 100 amp continuous use even though it is within the ampacity chart ratings.

It is useful to remember that this rating number is based on the 105 C insulation use temperature being "acceptable".

I would normally use 1/0 for 100 amps or a link bar.

I know that you don't want to hear this, but it might become necessary to run dual / parallel wires and dual breakers from the bus bar to the inverter to fully support 250 amps.

The thermal breakers operate like a fuse and trip based on getting warm. There is an assumption that the wire is able to carry heat away from the breaker, not toward the breaker or it reduces the amps trip point.


Is the bus bar a tin plated copper one, or aluminum? If it is aluminum, then it is possible that the surface has oxidized.


Crimping is a funny thing. It is all based on the mechanical action ripping off the surface of the wire strands and welding them together into a almost sold block inside of the lug.

It takes surprisingly little for something to go wrong and not be able to use the wire at the expected capacity, which is another reason to consider over size wires.
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