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Yes, yesterday I had an educational discussion with a fuel station manager in Wisconsin...

I’d asked about the Bio-Diesel content in their fuel, had the product gone to winter blend yet, Cetane number, lubricity etc. and to answer my questions he simply went and got their latest refinery/distributor sell sheet which is their print-out from their last fuel delivery and shared it with me...

Not winter blend, that will begin on the next delivery (11/23) and the deliveries Cetane was not listed but the usual minimum for the chain is 42, 47 is possible. A lubricity package was blended in.

And… there in the fine print at the bottom was “This fuel has ZERO Bio-diesel and cannot be sold to residents of Minnesota under Minnesota Statute blah blah blah"

Minnesota’s has mandated the current 10% biodiesel will soon be 20%, May 1st, 2018. For the curious here is MN regulations: https://www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/?id=239.77

Anyhow, no admission of guilt here, just IF you want to know about a Stations diesel then ask to view their delivery ticket as most of the good info is listed there. If the Bio content is not directly called out look for an ASTM0XX data index, where the XX will be the percentage contained.
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