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I just bought a 2016 PMC Tradesman SLT, the end of year price with a lot of "extras was just too good to pass up. Of course the good deal was from dealer stock, it was All "White" but that seems to be a popular color these days. It has no windows in the doors of the cargo area, and no window in the OEM partition.

I'd like to install a window in the area where a window would normally go in an OEM partition with a window. I'm thinking about also cutting a hole at the base of the partition where the A/C comes out the back of the center console. I'd install some sort of vent or door, I could open or close if the A/C was not needed.

The reason for all of this is, I'd like to keep an eye on the cargo in case of "shifting" during long trips, and to keep the cargo cool... I do realize I may introduce additional noise in the cab, but I believe the benefit worth a bit more noise.

My question is has anybody here cut holes in an OEM cargo partition, and if so, how hard is it to prevent damage to the fabric finish in the cab? Is there anything I should look out for, how hard is it to get a "finished" look in the cab. (will the material "run" or pull") ???
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