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Finally we got some warmer weather here in NY so I started my spy*camera install, Ha
You can do this install to most of the newer vans - ProMasters, MB Sprinters, Ford Transit, Nissan NV Hi Top Vans they all have basically the same mirror bases

Ok we all know the bad blind spot on the Ram ProMasters driver side, and on my van a (2016 Pro Master 2500 HI top 159wb) I do not have the window on my slider door nor do I have any back windows. So that's the 2nd blind spot on the passenger side mirror when switching lanes.

So I bought 4 tiny spy out door wide angle 12v wired cameras (1 Drivers, 2 Passengers, 3 Front grill, 4 Back next to the factory rear cam) and attached them to a 9" quad monitor and attached it to my rear view mirror on my windshield. Nice for lane change and when parked urban stealth camping / security whatever. you can also hook it up to a 12v DVR Recorder to loop record when driving or parked.

Yes they come in night vision. you can flip the camera image by clipping a green wires so it feels and looks right on you quad monitor. Go on Ebay and do your home work, there are all kinds of tiny weather proof wide angle cams
to choose from. (WARNING what ever camera you choose the connection on the wire MUST BE SMALL enough to PULL THROW THE mirror elbow - look at my pics)

INSTALL: Note: I DO NOT have the auto fold in mirrors, just the heated mirrors. Yes they probably a lot more wires and gears inside the base if you have the power folding mirrors, be carful do your home work.
Drill the hole in the mirror base first. TEST drill a hole first just to make sure the camera will fit, there's no gong back once the hole is drilled. If ya make a mistake a tube of black RTV sealant $4.99 OR a new mirror $100 bucks used Ebay or just drive around with a hole in you mirror, ha JK, You'll be fine! can't be as bad as cutting a 14" hole in yr roof.

Pop the window molding off, 3 hex/star bolts T40, pull foam down off mount backing let the mirror hang, then fish the wire throw the elbow of the mirror base.
(NOTE: This was the hardest part of the job I used coat hanger with a slippery coating around the wire to fish it throw the elbow of the mirror, it helps to keep each mirror folded out it seemed to let the wire go throw easier)
feed wire into cab. I'll post more pics when I finish the Front / Back camera install.
I'm also buying another 7" or 9" quad monitor for the back and mount it above the bed so I can monitor what's going on outside the van day or night.
If it something you might be interested in check out my pics, I'm also going to make a install video for my YouTube channel at (Andysvanadventure) All my van build out vids start in 5/2018

Thanks Happy Trails

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