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Importing my promaster from USA to France

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I bought the van 18 months, and completed its conversion a few months back. I now have to move to France and after all the work I put in it, I would highly prefer to bring the van with me. I've read some information on the web, but none from a person who has done it recently. Since the Ram promaster is a derivative of the Fiat Ducato, I'm hopeful it should be possible minus the shipping cost, a few modifications, ... Anyone with some experience in this?
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I believe that the Chrysler mini vans were exported to Europe so they should have mechanics that work on those. Same engine and trans. I know Jeeps are exported there.
In 2007 I rented a new Chrysler minivan in Pisa italy. It was regular ol' American style but with a stick-shift turbo diesel. Daimler put there own mill under the hood for the European market. I would not bring a gas hog like my promaster to Europe. Get a Citroën diesel van and build it out. They get almost 2x the milage as a gas promaster. I drove one in Iceland last year. Awesome little "bus". Russ


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