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I sold my van

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I sold my 21 159" with a pretty complete build. Nice guy from MN flew out yesterday and is driving it home as I type this. I put money down on a 23 159" Sandstone, picking it up on Saturday and starting the build out. We were happy with the first build so the second will be similar with mostly tweaks to the systems. Should be fun.

So long to Stubby
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I’m hoping the software and can bus issues are slowly being resolved. Most of the common problems would have popped up by now so that’s great news. Ours was all dings and warnings on the test drive haha.

The 2022+ 3.6L is a very different engine that the first gen Pentastar. The new drivetrain really is a huge improvement. We get 21 mpg on the highway in ours which is nuts for an 8’ tall box!
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