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I wanted a Jeep but that didn't happen! I was expecting a slow and lame handling truck after driving a co-worker's Ferd Transit Disconnect but I was surprised! Off the line acceleration is great, 9 speed tranny is cool (I leave it in 4th around town it seems to help with downshifting), maneuvers like a sedan (I'm not loading this to the max).
Mod list:
1) convert switched outlets to constant (remove fuse, jump a fused and unswitched wire to the fuse holder) voltage without cutting harness.
2) mount waterproof ip dome camera on roof facing rear, mount wireless router and strap old andoid phone to useless rearview mirror (not so useless) to see behind me as changing lanes in NY is suicide without rear windows.
3) Mount brackets inside roof to support back of 6' ladder (front fits into overhead pocket) to free up floor space.
4) get a spare tire, jack and 4-way wrench
5) mount low-profile sub in the secret underfloor cavity.
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