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My life was taking me in the direction of a fullsize eurovan. As a sailor, my time on land is all vacation time. I take my toys and roam. My prior vehicle, a minivan, was packed to the gills and got the job done albeit uncomfortably. I couldn't justify a new vehicle at many times what I had payed for my used one(s), but I looked at them longingly and kept tabs on this forum and the transit one too, thinking that this is what I would love to have if I could ever get my druthers.

So my last vehicle crapped out on me in a thoroughly depressing fashion. Road trip, tight budget, and 4 expensive repairs in as many weeks. I realized then I'd be paying less with a monthly payment and no repairs than what I currently had...

I liked the promaster best because of the super large size. The MB Sprinter has a larger one but the Sprinter doesn't do it for me. And it just so happened that a dealer local to where I happened to be while visiting one of my siblings was trying desperately to get rid of a holdover 2016 3500 extended diesel as the 2018's were already being built. They were advertising it for $12k below msrp. I just couldn't pass it up. And here I am now, cruising my favorite mountain haunts in one. I'm still a relatively young 39 and it's the super exotic never never cars that I fantasize about owning one day, and yet, every time I step out of a building and walk towards my monster sized car, it puts a smile on face.

I love it.
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