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Hiyo's 3rd trip was based on a report on a photography forum of a juvenile Great Horned Owl seen in the Blenheim Ontario area. So off we went. But first a pic of one of my favorite meals. It is a 'Dagwood' of gluten free bread, peanut butter, jelly, banana, turkey, and a few other items :)

In the route pic you'll see a major leg to middle New York, this because of a report of a Peregrin Falcon nesting on Vroman's Nose=a clif face with a stout hike up but beautiful views.

Part of our route choice was along the shore of Lake Eerie-nice and calm, a rarity I heard

On the way back we stayed at Middle Creek Campground about 40 min's out of Roanoke where we imaged butterflies at the conservancy the next morning. Great campsite, even had bears get into the trash cans that night. It was also a mile from the Appalachian Trail and I walked by about 12 years ago. We had the campground to ourselves.

Behind the coffee pot are green cubby mock-ups. I made them 20 min's before leaving for this trip and they worked a charm. Poof will re-do them sometime in a color she likes better and with even bottoms and tops! Like I said, I mocked them up in 20 min's from a gutter down pipe.

Typical meal on the road, this time at the KOA Niagara,On before heading out for nightime photography of the falls. I'd been before but Poof was sick that trip.

Showing Poof how much it 'costs' to run the coffee maker.

The hinged door on the cabinet worked very well, here the contents behind the door.

We stayed in a couple of places where shore power was had, good to because one day
in New York the high was 43F so the little heater was nice.

A co-worker liked the idea of the storage pod. We love it after a week of using it, but
there is a cost like with all things Class B, here you see the passenger door does get
limited in how far it can open....not a problem for us but some might have issue.

Here's Poof on top of Vroman's Nose post a 45 min uphill climb looking for the falcon.

Doing what we love to do, processing images after a day of shooting. Two can easily work
side by side on the desk.

Haha, a selfie in the Ram's head.

Where we stayed in the Blenheim Ontario area hunting Great Horned Owls

Another from Vroman's Nose in New York.

Here was the target in that part of New York.

And gold found in Ontario. I'd imaged Great Horned Owls before but not juveniles. On
this day we got 2 juveniles and 2 adults :)

Overall gas mileage for Hiyo Silver is now 17.3.
Also, we listened for wind noise from the two antennas, couldn't tell they were up there after 1800 miles. Speaking of, the Onebyone TV antenna received 43 channels one night outside of Blenheim Ontario. Interestingly at the campsite in Middle Creek we had 4G and 4 bars Verizon but zero TV channels.
Also, state parks and campgrounds in that part of New York were not open when we came through. So off to the very welcoming Walmart. In fact we used Walmarts 3 times on this trip and slept like babies at each one. We had shore power at a friends in Blenheim.

Oh, and here's Niagara at night :)

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Thanks Winston.
Still learning/tweaking.
Post this trip the TV is to be moved again. I think this will exhaust all
possibilities....eventually going to the ceiling. Probably where it should have been all along
but in our case pointing to the swivel seats.
Should be an easy re-install since I had placed 12vDC on that side of the wall/ceiling juncture
at the beginning of the electrical.

Next major step for us is the roundish open area above the back door windows and over the sliding
door window. Should be super easy too, just another order to 80/20 for some of their panels. Then
Poof will put on cargo net storage on each one.

Then the pillars :( Already decided that they will get diamond plate; but funny, lots of places people want
to see what we've done. No one notices the pillars are still 'blank'. I think our industrial build allows that; still
we will cover them. The local machine/welding shop has plenty of grades of diamond plate and can cut/bend
to fit what we want-so ultimately that should be plug and play.

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Thanks MM , again great pictures. I get anxious when you aren't posting , and now I see why.
That ammeter, does it record / count ? I want to find a meter that tallies amps so I know what is used and what's left . That way I won't have to think/calculate/guess .
As for diamond plate , you can get it VERY thin and it's very soft. Bend it by hand , around poles , 2x4s etc.

Again , thanks for sharing the adventures !!!

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3 slices ha! OK next time :)
Here's our battery monitor's site-
Yes it tallies and keeps count etc.
I think Gary has the same one and he will know 1000 percent more than I know about the capabilities.
I do know the shunt install was one of the hardest things in the whole electrical install.
With our camper-van usage it's probably not needed since we are almost always on the move and topping off
the batteries from the Projecta.

But what the monitor does for us is something like this 'Poof watch this monitor when I turn on this light, or watch
this monitor when you turn on the microwave'. It's just a great teacher of where the juice is going and she knows
that 50% is the cut off so plan accordingly....so far we never gotten anywhere near that, but on this last trip did
reach 74% capacity.

Thanks for the clues on the diamond plate, it is a current study though the application won't be until mid-summer. I think
we're headed out again soon but via Delta airlines.
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