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2014-159 HR in CT
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Many here on the forum have wished that there was an indication with your name that shows some minimal info about you. It really helps with context when others are responding to your posts or threads. Since the forum offers that feature, please consider adding a short phrase to your account that tells us a bit about you and your van.

Here's how:

To the left of the 3 dots at the top of the screen click on "My Account", then click on "Account Settings" in the menu

In the area labelled "Vehicle Details", enter info on YEAR, LENGTH, HEIGHT, AND LOCATION (for example, I put in "2014-159 HR in CT")

Beneath, where it says, "Choose who can view your Vehicle Details in privacy settings" click on privacy settings

Scroll down and set

View your Vehicle Details on your profile: All visitors
View your Vehicle Details when you post: All visitors

Hit Save.... all done, and THANKS!
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