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Thanks to all who have contributed to this forum and made it such a deep repository of knowledge for all things PM!

As the thread topic suggests, I'm looking for a gas 1500 PM, 136" with a high roof ('15 or '16 model year, sub-50k-ish miles). My girlfriend and I are big into mountain biking and will use it mostly for weekend/longer trips, but it will also be my daily driver. My goal is to build it out in such a way that interior components are easily removable and, thus, the van can still be used for it's originally intended purpose: moving tons of ****! ...hopefully a build thread to come!

Some initial questions (feel free to boot me to existing threads if I'm asking previously answered questions):

-- Are certain model years "better" than others? I know the PM was new in '14, and thus a new assembly line, new machineing, etc... any major issues reported there?
-- I see 2500s offered in the config I'd like... Is there any difference from 1500 other than beffier springs? Would a 2500 suck to drive/ride in w/ a lightish load?
-- How do these things do off-road? ...honestly. Would plan on swapping stock rubber for AT tires (possibly 245/75 if they fit) but that rear trailer axle hangs LOW. The oil pan also looks very low. ...interested in real-world findings.

I'm sure I'll have more questions but just wanted to say "hi" before diving into the rabbit hole.

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