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Happy to get our official "Orion Van Gear" account going here on the forum. Two of our co-founders have been members for a while for their own personal Promaster builds.

A bit about us: For too long the Promaster platform has been neglected when it comes to accessories…. But not anymore! Our mission at Orion Van Gear is to change that. We are based in Mcminnville, Oregon, and have a 3-person team; Cody is our kick-ass metal worker and Steve and I are both Promaster van owners with business backgrounds. Orion Van Gear was created because we both wanted a great-looking, affordable roof rack that could be adapted to our existing roof layouts. One major problem we came accross when looking for racks was that there were only a few options and many were 1 size fits all. After more research we were left with 4 decisions:
  1. Buy the cheapest, not good-looking, and non-customizable option. 😞
  2. Pay $3800+ for the only nice option & wait 3+ months before they could make it, and even longer if we wanted any customizations (we both needed 2 customizations for fans) 😫
  3. Find a custom roof rack builder where we could design everything how we wanted for $4k-6k and deal with lots of back and forth and even longer order to delivery times (between 4-12 months) with no guarantee we would like it or that it would work. 😳
  4. Or….create our own solution exactly how we wanted. 😛
You guessed it! We decided to create our own Promaster roof rack. The journey hasn’t been easy especially amidst the pandemic but 11 months later we both have the rack installed and both absolutely love it. Many people expressed interest in the rack so we decided to make it official and make a business out of it! We may be biased... but we love how the rack turned out. We were never drawn to tubular racks and the clean lines match the Promaster design very well. We were also able to fill a vod in the market by providing a premium product at thousands less than the other premium products available. We are running a special group buy for our launch and if your interested in a rack for your promaster shoot us a message, comment here, or follow the link in our signature below.

Thanks! Can't wait to turn your product ideas into real products that solve problems and also make the Promaster the best vans they can be!
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