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have a 2015 PM City and have questions of this and that. Will post them here and in the other forums...

1. Key Fob being stuck in ignition? Whos bright idea was that to be able to happen. Why...how to fix it. Is there a recall?

2. Only getting 22mpg overall as opposed to higher estimates. Is this normal.

3. How can we get a cover to go over the back section. There are the grooves in the sides to hold a cover but where do you get one. I hear somewhere it was only in Europe?

4. Weather Stripping is pretty flimsy...wear off/easy damaged by getting in and out of vehicle on drivers side which is most used of course.

I like the head room in the City as I am a big guy...wish it had more leg room though.

Have van for personal use.

Pepper Le Pew
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