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For the 3rd time now I'm driving down to the southern tip of Baja Mexico to windsurf for a couple of months. Will be in a campground in La Ventana, about 40 minutes from La Paz on the Sea of Cortez. Have finally finished loading the van with one SUP, a mountain bike, 3 windsurf boards, 6 sails, 5 booms and masts and tons of other stuff. Will caravan with folks after meeting them in Bakersfield, CA and the Salton Sea. I'm leaving from the Pacific NW and hope the Siskiyous will be kind to me (4,300' pass). California's "atmospheric river" may slow me down. Anyway here are a few pics of my Promaster all loaded up. Will be back some time in March. Adios amigos!

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Rasta! My home for the last 5 months.
Saw your van there, but you guys were always out on the water. (I introduced myself to your wife last year at the Event Site). First day of spring tomorrow... see you again soon (and safe travels)!

Looks pretty nice! Another atmospheric river headed for California!!
I'm actually in the SF south bay area now, and frankly disappointed at how much dang rain is coming in my slider door - even after the dealership acknowledged the problem and replaced the gasket! I tried the adhesive-based rain channel solution, and it helped for as long as the adhesive held (about a year), but it appears I may have to opt for a better solution (topic for another thread).

Or... I could just turn around and head back south! :LOL:
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