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I have better than 20/20 vision but can't always see that poorly lit (amber, good for night vision lousy for daylight) 3 inch speedometer recessed 6 inches into the dash encased in a tunnel/cave with the meter on the dark left side of the cave versus center or right (like most vehicles) to ensure that any light coming in leaves the meter somewhat in the shade with my face 2+ feet away. Looks like a number of folks share the same problem with the "Speedometer in a Cave" of the PMC.
How about a DIGITAL display speedo?
I know many folks just use the GPS. My problem with it that the GPS is basically a radio
receiver and sometimes it loses signal. It also tends to lag a bit and may not be super accurate at slower speeds.
There are a number of low cost digital display speedometer/tachometers/Misc. guage units for like $30 to $80 or so. Sold on Ebay & Amazon.
They mostly measure 2 in by 3 inches (or so) and most importantly are fed by the OBD2 plug already in every car (although SOME are fed by GPS or BOTH GPS/OBD2)!
These are those test sockets just under your dash and they will feed accurate real time speed/temp/misc info to the a well lit easy-to-read guage.
Place one in the "cave" or on top of the dash or some even from the windshield. Some even project the info onto your winshield (some of these are hard to see in sunlight though). Looks easy to install. Just a plug to the sensor and snake the wire to wherever you decide to mount the display. Just a thought..

Digital Speedometer
Digital Speedo 2
Digital Speedo 3
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