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Hello everyone!!!!

My name is Pedro from the South Side of Chicago. I started a mobile diagnostics business 2 years ago which specializes in module programming and diagnostics on late model passenger vehicles. We provide services to auto repair and body shops as well as used car dealers all over the Chicagoland area.


I was hustling out of the back of a 2014 Scion XB. Gas mileage was great and whipping around corners was always fun. Unfortunately I was lacking the versatility of having a mobile office. Often times I would find myself lacking a comfortable quiet place to conduct research on a problematic vehicle, and without access to a printer to print out wiring diagrams or customer receipts.

After months of test drives, product research, and finally the bosses approval:x I pulled the trigger on a 2016, 136", low roof PM!!!! I must admit I love the bus driver feel of the steering wheel, automatic trans (I upgraded from the stick shift scion), and the fact that I can stand up inside!!!!!! (I'm only 5'4" :D)

The office setup which has not yet been installed will consist of insulated walls with paneling, Adrian Steel's locksmith upfit and a rubber floor. 3000 watt inverter and laser printer.

Thank you for allowing me to join the forums, I look forward to viewing everyones setups and experiences.

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