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I just joined as I'm contemplating buying a Promaster next year and probably will lurk around to glean some insight about this vehicle. I suspect if I buy, I'll go with the 2500 long wheelbase. And although I currently have a GMC diesel van and several other diesel vehicles, I'd rather much go gasoline. I no longer use the formula "MPG" but do my computations as "MPD" (Miles Per Dollar).

I just bought 500 gallons of dyed diesel a few weeks ago for my farms, and these days, as I factor in driving down the highway, a bucks worth of gas gets me down the road a lot further than a bucks worth of diesel (although I am sold on diesel drive trains for various other reasons...)

I'll be getting rid of three vans I currently have and wish to use the new one just for adventures out here in the southwest and occasionally taking a couple of my dogs with me. No heavy loads nor heavy trailers and thus gas will work fine for me.

(P.S. My dyed diesel was $2.89 per gallon and as I last looked at diesel prices in Lubbock, TX yesterday I was seeing $3.49 for diesel and $1.97 for gas... So, my MPD (Miles Per Dollar formula says we go gasoline...)
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