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I've had good vibes from my PM dealership--Davis-Moore in Wichita. They are my closest dealer, though 100 miles away.

Last week I ordered a rubber floor mat and drove up to get it. They put the roll in back and I drove off to Menards. Then I thought: it will be a lot easier to load ply if I unroll this mat. That's when I discovered that it was the wrong one. It was for 118' and I have 136'.

I went back to the dealer. They would have to re-order. I just said, "This is a 200-mile round-trip for me." Supervisor mumbled to the underling, turned to me and said, "We will ship it to you as soon as we get it. You should have it by Tuesday." He did not mention the new invoice that I glimpsed showing a higher price than what I had paid. The small amount I saved was reasonable compensation for my hassle.

I just now got a call. They didn't get the mat til today. Their driver is delivering it to me tomorrow morning.

Yes, they made a mistake, but I am very pleased that not only did they do their best to fix it, they didn't blow their horn while they were doing it. No "Look how nice we are. We didn't even charge you…” They just did it. That is good service.
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