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First find 10w/30 oil.
Next find gasoline with NO ethanol.
Then fill her up and give it a yank :)

Then the error message from the Progressive Industries surge protector.
Then research.
Learn about open grounds.
Push the by-pass switch on the surge protector.
Admire the 120v the Samlex inverter-charger is seeing.

I think with our style of keeping on the move the Projecta via the alternator and/or the Solar panel will keep us topped off....but for those hopefully rare times when we are parked 4-5 days and NO Sun then I'll fire up the little Earthquake. Reports from owners are that it is clean enough to run a laptop by, Samlex is pretty particular about the power it receives, so it is an option and the Earthquake fired up quickly and for a genset isn't too loud.

Showing how small it is, sitting on the step-

The connection-

The reading while running-
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