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Hello all,

My name is Santiago, live in Anaheim Krazyfornia am 68 years old and last time I checked male.
Wife is Kim ( a woman, I need to specify as this is California ) we just retired, kids all gone thank God.

Been campers and RVers long as I can remember. Have travel trailer now, will be selling late spring 2018.
Summer 2018 will order 2019 PM. 2500, 159 HT gas. We have already figured out the conversion layout and most all equipment and appliances.
It will be stealthy by design.

We researched the other three van contenders and settled on the PM as it's the clear winner in my opinion.
I am partial to Ram, have a 2016 Ram 1500, 3.6L 8sp and like it a lot.

I would like to thank all participants on this forum for educating me on not just van conversion but the two engines, transmissions, problems and repairs.
We are very skilled DIY'ers so the camper conversion part will not be difficult for us.

Meantime, will keep reading the good work many of you contribute via your posts and photos. I am very grateful to have you.

Thank you,
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