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This was included in my van when I bought it. I had originally hoped it would work, but sadly we have an iPad mini and this is for a full size iPad. It includes two ram arms, the mounting plate for the ipad holder and a mounting plate to install somewhere else. And if you'd plan on installing it in the same spot it was install on my van, I'd also like to trade the person a straight swap for the trim piece (you remove it with 4 torx screws) so I could have a trim piece that doesn't have holes in it. Or I can sell the mount, arms and trim piece together so you can keep your trim piece without holes if you ever want to remove the mount. I didn't take any photos of it installed (the one I have doesn't show it up close), but I could always reinstall it to show you how it looks. The pic that shows it installed is a crop, but not up close. If anyone is interested in seeing it installed, I can reinstall it and get photos to you.

Price for the RAM Mount and Arms is $80
Price for the RAM Mount, Arms, and trim piece is $160

Price includes shipping in the US. Canada is an extra $10.

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