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Searching for ProMaster HT and Trailer
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Greetings. Looking to get a family of 5 on the road by 1 January, 2021. Would like:

  • Trailer that is comfortable (particularly in the sleep and kitchen category) but economical &
  • Promaster to haul it
    • Least likely to break down
    • High-top version
    • At least one side with decent view for the kiddos while driving
    • Would have a configuration that supports both 3 kids in back + a decent storage/relaxing area.
    • Plumbing optional (although a definite nice to have)
Sounds like we're wanting a hybrid of what most posters want (a blackout van with few windows) and a standard passenger van.

Our goal is to rent our house out, POD all of our possessions we wouldn't take on the road and then try to do the first three months in the SW desert (TX, NM, AZ NV & Southern UT) and move on to N-CA, OR & WA (hoping at that point we could be allowed into Canada to experience Vancouver but that's TBD).

Did I mention that I work and have minimal time to dedicate to the project?

Look forward to any advice on the above, as well as learning from you all on niche topics. I'll post all of this in the proper threads as well.

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