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As promised here is my install of the Flettner TCX-2 vent as per your original thread http://www.promasterforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=45313

First a correction on the size of the typical corrugated PM roof profile, I originally said the width was 67-68mm. This only applies to the interior indent. When measured from the exterior it measures 60mm at the bottom of the indent and 70mm at the top ridge. The depth is 9mm.

Using the TCX-2 standard base size was the best fit in order to get the most purchase on the top sections of the roof profile.

As I said in my reply to your original post in the intro section I filled the indent on the interior with 9mm/3/8” plywood (Baltic Birch) to create a flat surface on the interior to mount the clamping ring to. I used Sika Flecks 252 adhesive to attach the plywood.

Note: I did not take into account the thickness of the Sika Flecks when I decided to use 3/8” Ply to fill the indent. I was able to install the lock nut on the shaft, but I would recommend 1/4" or 5/16” ply instead to avoid any possible assembly issues.

On the exterior I used butyl tape to fill the indent and seal the vent. In addition I used Dycor lap sealant as the final assurance against water leaks. On my larger installs of vents, skylights, and air conditioner I invested labor and expense in filler plates, but for this small light vent I did not feel it was warranted. Note Important!: Apply the lap sealant to the exterior clamp ring prior to installing the exterior vent blade housing. You can not reach the clamp ring to caulk it once the blade housing is installed.

I used a 3.5” hole saw to cut the hole in the roof. I would have preferred to use a 3.75” hole saw, but I got lazy and bought what was in stock at my closest home Depot instead of driving to an industrial supplier. I think I will invest in a 3.75” saw for my second vent to increase the air volume possible.

I plan to use the optional extension to extend the vent to the surface of the interior ceiling once its installed.

Zen, I can’t make any endorsements on this vent yet as this is the first time I’ve installed one. I’ll post a review once I’ve used it for some time.

Hope this helps,

PS I may have used up my quota on pics, I'll see if I can add some more of the interior.....


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