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Freaking awesome!

My girlfriend and I road tripped around Oregon hitting various hot springs for a few days. We saw temps down to 3 degrees and woke up one morning in some deep snow but remained toasty warm (as long as we stayed under the covers). And the PM eats snow for breakfast! We hit some icy conditions coming over Mount Hood and never lost traction or got loose. So glad I went with front wheel drive! I'm 6 feet, and my gf is about 5'6" and we both slept comfortably in the full size bed.

The PM really does drive like a big car. It 'almost' rails corners, well, for a van anyways, and cruises at 75 smoothly. Mileage hovers around 21 mpg at 65-70 mph. It drops off pretty fast once you go over 75.

Overall I couldn't be happier and look forward to some extended van living this spring and summer.
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