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You might not have noticed, but the wheel of the seasons has turned another 'click'.

Recently, like in the last few days. Spend any time outside and you can't not notice it.

Length of visible daylight has decreased. It's not getting quite as hot as it was. Flowers have peaked and are on their way out.

That's no reason to do anything other than get out and savor it while it lasts.

Of the three days we spent in the mountains last weekend, we rode once, paddled once, and napped infinitely while listening to storms drifting through.

All that rain has been fantastic for the rivers, the flowers, the grasses, the water table. And yes, the naps.

Some places in the state currently bear more than passing resemblance to the jungles further east.

We take traction for granted most of the time, but remembering how to ride slick as snot roots and rock has been welcome.

And having water to paddle deep into August is just incredible. We actually got thwarted by too much water in Vallecito. First world problem.

The animals know -- better than we do -- that summer has peaked. It's early to call it hyperphagia, but the bear we passed inhaling foliage not 25' away never made a move to leave. Never seemed the least bit concerned.

Go. GO! Stop making excuses -- you can do that all winter long.

We'll see you out there.


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Thanks for the inspiration !Just so happens I have been looking at the 4 corners canyon lands for a Maiden voyage . Thanks again, Kenny
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